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Online Security Assessment

The Remotely Online Security Risk Assessment allows customers, consultants, and partners to determine readiness of their environments to effectively deliver reliable, secure, and supportable end user edge infrastructure.

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What is the Online Security Assessment?

The Remotely Online Assessment includes the software, report, and methodology needed to deliver an analysis of a customer’s distributed team member landscape in order to determine the security and support posture of the organization together with immediate, actionable, clickable paths to remediation.
The program is appropriate for both those who sent large populations of their workforce home, remote, or hybrid and are looking for opportunities to scale, secure, or optimize their ability to manage these users.

The objective of the online assessment is to deliver a simple, fast, and comprehensive analysis of your distributed remote workers into 3 main areas:

Security Configuration and Risks

This analysis area provides an overview of observed security settings, configuration, and usage/ deployment for the targeted remote users.

NOTE: there is no high side limit, and it is recommended that ALL users be assessed on the low side, 10% samples are considered a minimum.

Remote Monitoring and Management

This area of analysis focuses on the configuration and consumption patterns of your distributed team members devices and deployed technology. Time is spent on inventory, patching levels, tethered and dependent devices together with additional elements that portend the manageability of the environment.

Optimized Management Paths

Upon completion of an Online Assessment organizations will be able to begin securing, managing, and monitoring any number of the remote/distributed users assessed, together with additional organizational units.

NOTE: Upon Subscription ALL USERS may be assessed at any point in time. The process can be ongoing and toggle between visibility + action at the administrator’s behest.

Who can benefit from the Online Security Risk Assessment?

Focused on the specific and unique security and support needs of remote team members the Remotely Online Security Risk Assessment was designed to deliver a single End User Interface that applies to different scenarios. As such, it can be applied to physical or virtual environments as well as desktops and servers under the following use cases:

  • Customers who are planning to implement a remote user security + support solution
  • Customers who have already deployed a Security/Support solution and wish to scale
  • Customers who have partially deployed a Security/Support solution and are experiencing performance challenges
What type of data is collected in the Online Security Risk Assessment?

Remotely's Online Security Risk Assessment has the unique ability to collect information primarily through known permission-able services you're already using in Azure and across your organization. Examples include information regarding current Microsoft InTune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Active Directory, Graph API, configuration, and usage. Existing security and antivirus, anti-intrusion, and anti-malware software, configuration, and usage is also of primary interest.

Most information collected is user, machine, device, organizational, configuration, usage, or policy specific in nature. Often, while this information is accessible, it is not easily consumable, and almost ever correlated. Remote resource utilization and performance metrics of users, machines, and applications help determine future provisioning strategies that are optimized for performance, security, and future manageability. Remotely gathers information and metrics in real time, all the time. At no time does the Online Security Risk Assessment observe sensitive file information.

While Remotely's Online Security Risk Assessment is a cloud native, Azure service at no time does the offering expose network payload data in transit. While hybrid deployments of technology, applications, and services are the norm – exhaustive efforts have been made to assume a zero-trust configuration out of the box for our users. While policy, settings, and configuration elements can be sensitive to most organizations – we always consider them confidential.

The Online Security Risk Assessment additionally gathers and provides information regarding desktop applications, system services, antivirus, and other processes, as well as relevant network applications and services. Together this information is analyzed to determine what the remote user experience has been, and paths to insure it is sustained, regardless of security requirements. While deep introspection is paramount, at no time does the service examine specific data related to user-generated content. The platform never captures keystrokes, runtime details, such as passwords, or accessed filenames and documents. Furthermore, all information is Multi Factor Authenticated for users, partners, and Remotely Inc. access with full audit and logging.

Do I need to install an agent?

Nope! There is no need to install or push the Remotely agent to gain valuable introspection into your current end user computing deployments. Information is available for us to collect in and across the technology and platform investments you have already made, most notably in Microsoft and Azure. While the RemotelyRMM agent is purpose-built for remote users and gathers nearly 1,000 additional user/ runtime metrics it is not mandatory. The agents system appetites are negligible to resource consumption and pose zero interruption to user productivity.

What type of environment does this offer cover?

The Remotely Online Security Risk Assessment covers any Windows environment regardless of deployment methodology. Desktops, Laptops, Virtual Machines, Virtualized Applications, as well as Server Based Computing solutions like Citrix, or VMware Horizon as well as Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop are covered. In the near future all IOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Android devices will also be fully supported and capable of being added to resource groups and inventory counts.

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