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Remote Monitoring & Management

Global access and real-time support delivered from the cloud.

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Adaptive Policy Management

Utilizing the power of Azure cloud, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and the information collected by Remotely adaptive security policies can be applied to edge devices based upon their potential risk.

Adaptive Policy Management

Analyze and apply security policies to remote devices.

Know Your Edge

Being able to make and automate informed policy actions based upon the operating environment for an edge device will be a key feature of Remotely enabled adaptive risk management practices.

Measurements Collected

  • Anti Virus State
  • Anti Malware State
  • Operating System State
  • Installed Software
  • Network Connectivity
  • Environmental Variables
  • Attached Devices

Visibility and Reporting

The Remotely RMM Dashboard is the central hub for the Remotely solution. The data collected from our endpoint agent is displayed for use by the administrators within an organization, each component is broken down into various granularity levels from overall enterprise to individual device


View system performance and stability with real time reporting.

Measurements collected

CPU performance

  • Utilization
  • Queue length,
  • Interrupt time

Memory performance

  • Utilization
  • Faults
  • Page file utilization

Disk performance

  • Read/Write performance
  • Queue length
  • Free space

Network performance

  • Transmit rate
  • Receive rate
  • Packet errors

Network configuration details

  • Connection Type
  • Signal strength
  • Connection Security

Environmental variables

  • Connected devices
  • Enabled protocols
  • Policies

Interaction and Support

Dashboard is the central hub for the Remotely solution. The remote administration toolset will assist admins in providing support to end users when experiencing situations.


Interact with any device in the system and remotely solve problems for end-users.

Remote PowerShell

Ability to securely run PowerShell commands and scripts on remote endpoints for users


Integration with existing enterprise tools

Remotely RMM with focus on helping enterprises leverage their existing technology investments in new ways to meet the changing needs of security and support

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • ServiceNow
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