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The Only Microsoft Azure Native RMM Software

If you rely on Microsoft, you can rely on Remotely.



We’re built on Azure — arguably the most reliable cloud service provider in the game. Azure guarantees 99.5% uptime. What’s that mean for you? Remotely has a 99.95% uptime as well. 


Azure works in real-time, and so does Remotely. That means you can instantly access real-time data and real-time reports. You can finally tap into the vast data lake underneath Azure to provide a holistic view of the user and how to optimize their environment.  


Remotely doesn’t just integrate with Office 365, Teams and OneDrive. As an MS Azure-native and cloud-nested RMM, Remotely was built to sit alongside the Microsoft tools you already rely on every single day. 


Because we’re built on Azure, Remotely is able to leverage Microsoft’s industry-leading application security framework. Plus, using the Microsoft Graph API for data interaction significantly reduces the risk of exposure by employing existing defined Azure security principal roles.  

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Request a demo of Remotely and see the industry's only Azure native RMM in action.

Remotely Relies on Azure

Which means you can rely on Remotely. Learn more about how Azure ensures that Remotely's RMM software is reliable and resilient.  
High Availability

Thanks to Azure’s Availability Zones and availability sets, Remotely is able to maintain acceptable continuous performance — even in the event of temporary failure in services, hardware, datacenters, and fluctuations in load.

Backup and Restore

Azure allows us to replicate virtual machines and data to one, or multiple, regions. Using Azure Backup we can conduct self-service recoveries from secondary regions in the event of an outage.  

Local, Zonal and Regional Redundancies

In the event of hardware malfunctions, software update cycles, network issues, or large-scale disasters, Azure protects against failure in single data centers, single and multiple regions.  

Low- and No-Impact Maintenance

Azure utilizes low- to no-maintenance technologies like hot patching, memory-preserving maintenance, and live migration to maintain it’s infrastructure. 

*Source: Microsoft Azure

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Request a demo of Remotely and see the industry's only Azure native RMM in action.