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SRI™  - A Credit Score for User Security
Anytime. Anywhere.

A Security Risk Index to manage the unmanageable.
Gather evidence from endpoints and compliance posture from the cloud. 


Nearly half a billion users got their ‘work from anywhere’ wish, overnight. We don’t think they’ll all be back in the office anytime soon.  

Endpoints are the source of 95% of cyber-incidents.  The rising cost of cyber-insurance makes it almost mandatory that we have systems, solutions, and run books in place. 

Remotely gives you actionable information from the edge to your cloud. 


Hyper Converged Console

Don't Just Converge Your Toolset
Hyper Converge it.

Remotely is the industry’s only Hyper Converged Console for end user computing and endpoint management. No longer will you have to login to dozens of tools and platforms each day to adequately monitor and manage your organization's endpoint risk, security, and performance. Remotely's RMM software lets you do all of these in one place. Save time and money by consolidating your stack into one central platform.

Online Security Assessment

Real-time visibility into your security posture.

In the time it takes you to read this, Remotely can identify each identity, risk & vulnerability in your network based on your compliance standards. Real-time Microsoft Threat Analytics inform you of the location, probability, and severity of potential breaches. Enterprise risk assessment used to take weeks- not it takes just one click.

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Azure Native

Microsoft Azure Native RMM Software

Because Remotely is Azure native, we're able to combine rich and robust data from Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Intune, Azure Active Directory, Azure Tenant Licensing, information across GraphAPI and OVER 20+ consoles into a single Hyper Converged Console. End-to-End observability means every console, metric, and measurement we need to enhance user, budget, and administrator productivity is available to us. 

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Software

Easily monitor the metrics that matter

Want to take your endpoint monitoring a step further?  Deploy our native shell language (PowerShell) agent to monitor and measure everything from CPU, Disk, Memory, Encryption, Patch Cadence, Applications, Login Processes, and Antivirus / Antimalware state, System Environment Variables, User Context and much much more. Out-of-the-box.

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All the Features You Need

In One Hyper Converged Console

Protect your enterprise network and distributed users with Remotely.


Real-Time Reporting

Stop using outdated data cut and pasted spreadsheet data to make business decisions. Get all of the metrics you need, in real-time, at your fingertips.

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Role-Based Access Control

Delineate access based on what you want specific users to see — or not see. Unify teams that used to spar or long for additional information to drive productive outcomes.

Downloadable Reports

Remotely gives you tons of valuable information. Use that information to unify metrics, views, data, and baselines across your groups. Explore what information to share, with whom, and how.

Online Security Assessment

Using the power of the Cloud and Microsoft GraphAPI gain instantaneous data streams on risk, compliance, licensing, performance, context, and location-based data that allow you to Assess your Endpoint Risk, Prioritize Projects, and Allocate Resources.

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Your users are not ON PREM - why is your monitoring solution? Take your risk management and monitoring to the next level when you download and deploy our agent.

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Remotely lives in the cloud, which means unlike legacy on-prem solutions, your time to value is in minutes, not days and you can access Remotely from just about anywhere.

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Seeing is believing.

Book a demo to see the industry's only Azure native RMM* (Risk Mitigation & Management) in action.

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Book a demo to see the industry's only Azure native RMM* (Risk Mitigation & Management) in action.