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Save Time and Money — Get Massive ROI

With Remotely, you'll discover endless opportunities to save time and money.  

Many users tell us they were able to replace up to 13 consoles using Remotely.  Some might be legacy point solutions; some may be shareware you learned to use. Nonetheless, a unified, evidence-based system to collect and organize the information you need!

Today you have teams and tasks using too many screens. None of those screens speak to each other, although the data is now totally relevant. You could cut and paste — but that's prone to error, time consuming, and a poor way to manage risk.

Remotely can help you ditch the spreadsheets.


data issues
teams and tasks

Save Time with Remotely's RMF Software

Within 30 seconds of logging into Remotely, we make 951 API calls across your Azure hyper-scale infrastructure looking for Security, Exposure, Licensing, Compliance, and Patching information.  We then deploy a powerful agent to all endpoints you have targeted for risk analysis and discovery. 
That's 950 clicks you don't have to make yourself. That means you spend less time toggling between different tabs, consoles, and platforms, troubleshooting clunky software, and compiling reports. 
Get better protection against cyber threats, sooner and let your team spend more time on strategic projects vs fire drills. 
Hyper Converged Console

Remotely is the industry’s only Hyper Converged Console for end user computing and endpoint risk analysis.

Now instead of logging into and managing unique platforms and tools to assess everything from Active Directory, Licensing, Network Security, Configurations, to network, storage, licenses, vulnerabilities, and more, you can bring them together in one cloud-based console.

Azure Native

Remotely is the industry’s only Azure native RMM software. Meaning you no longer have to spend time chasing down hundreds of different Azure metrics.

With an ever-expanding footprint of Microsoft services being used across our end users and endpoints, there is a ton of super useful information hidden across those consoles.

With our Azure Reporting Dashboard, you gain instant visibility into user, data, devices, and application information, Azure interactions and system performance — all in one place. 

While our platform is laser focused on visibility today - we are working on our action and automation modules to add even more value to the investments you have made.

Agentless Agent ;)

Ever heard the saying “nothing good comes easy”? Well, we beg to differ. 

Remotely’s software is lightweight and intuitive — making it easy to get up and running quickly.

In fact, our Cloud Security Assessment is so lightweight, you don't even have to download and install an agent.  We do everything in this module in the cloud. Zero touch analysis of your Azure Tenant. 

When you are ready to target risk by group or location - our industry first PowerShell™ agent is ready and able to unlock incredible value to find latent productivity across your end users.

Save time implementing and learning our software and start seeing ROI sooner (and that’s a really good thing). 

Ready to Reduce Risk?

Book a demo to see the industry's only Azure native visibility platform.

Save Money with Remotely's RMM Software

Spend less money on redundant tools, licenses, and underutilized software. Get more opportunities to reinvest in your team and organization.
Consistent Uptime

On average, network downtime costs companies $5,600 per minute. That’s over $300k per hour. Can your company afford network downtime? Remotely's RMM software is built on Azure, one of the industry’s most reliable cloud services, boasting 99.95% uptime. That means we’re consistently up and running, ensuring your network doesn't go down.

Consolidate Your Stack

You pay for one tool to remediate security vulnerabilities, one to remotely access end users’ computers, another to manage permissions...the list goes on. What if you could replace all of those tools (and their fees) with one platform? With Remotely, you can. Cut costs, not corners. 

Protect Against Cyber Threats

The average cost of a malware attack for a company is over $2.5 million. Data breaches cost organizations over $4.24 million. Every 39 seconds there’s a new attack somewhere on the web. Gulp. With Remotely, you get instant visibility into the security posture of end-users' devices and environments, and we provide real-time, threat level scores to help prioritize where you’re most vulnerable to attack. Don’t become another cyber security statistic.  


Put an end to wasted money and buyer’s remorse. With Remotely, you gain instant, real-time visibility to licensing within a Microsoft Azure tenant including Managed, Assigned, and Consumed licenses. Quickly identify if you're paying for too many — or too few — licenses. 

Endless ROI

Time = Money. When IT teams and end users save time, you save money. Simple as that. 

With key features like agentless deployment role-based authorization controls, and exportable reports, Remotely's RMM software makes it easy for your IT teams to work more effectively and efficiently.