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Remotely Inc

Remotely Inc is not your typical RMM vendor. In fact, we joke around the office that RMM stands for Risk Mitigation and Management.  End users, and the endpoints they love tend to be our most risky attack surfaces, and for that reason - we think they count.

We started Remotely by asking a customer "what do you think" - and then we actually listened.  The answer to the question was that remote team members and endpoints need to EARN their way onto our trusted networks.

Are you a risk to yourself or my company? There are clearly identifiable policies and settings we would need to see, and others we would be shocked if we did see.  We need to know. We do this with measurement.

Our  vision was to create a solution that helps the modern enterprise see, secure, and support their remote team members. Risk comes in a number of forms however focusing on Financial Risk, Technical Risk, and User Experience (UX) Risk (productivity) is our thing.  We believe with better information you can make better decisions. 

The Remotely team is comprised of rock stars from the tech industry, ranging from VDI, DaaS, Security, Compliance, Endpoint Management, Licensing, SCCM, Intune,  Cloud, and more.  The team all share the same sentiment, which is to create a world-class platform that is secure, scalable, flexible, and suits the needs of the modern IT Administrator and Security Professional.

We may even have some fun along the way!