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IGEL's CEO Joins Remotely for Upcoming Webinar

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Remotely is excited to announce that Jed Ayres, CEO of IGEL will be joining us as a guest speaker on our upcoming webinar, Increase Visibility to Decrease Vulnerability: How to Keep Users' Security and Compliance from Costing You Millions.

Ayres is widely recognized for the transformational impact he is making
on the end user computing industry, as well as the instrumental role he has played in IGEL’s pivot starting in 2016 from a hardware-centric to a software-first company. As Global CEO, Ayres leads IGEL’s seasoned team of executive leaders as the company works to align with the world’s most prominent cloud providers to transform end user computing by simplifying and securing the
cloud-delivery of all needed applications and resources.

About IGEL

IGEL is one of the leading international IT software companies offering solutions in end-user computing. IGEL offers a solution for fully managed, secure endpoint access to any digital workspace that gives IT teams strong control and end-users the freedom to work as they wish in a hybrid world. Enabling choice of any cloud, from any device, anywhere, IGEL unlocks a collaborative and productive end user computing experience while solving common security and management challenges. With a growing ecosystem of more than 100 IGEL Ready technology partners, IGEL has offices in Europe and the United States and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. 

About Remotely

Remotely is the first Azure-native endpoint management software and we make it easy for enterprise organizations to see, secure, and support their hybrid workforce.

Remotely unifies security, compliance, licensing, user experience, network, and performance data in one console. Unlike other solutions that aim to replace core Microsoft functionality, Remotely augments and extends the investments modern companies have already made in Microsoft.

About the Webinar

Remotely recognizes that your users are your company's greatest assets — but they're also your biggest security threat. Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, September 7 to learn:

  • Why your users are your biggest security and compliance threats
  • To mitigate security and compliance risk you need to increase visibility
  • The value of having a real-time security score for every device in your network
  • How Remotely turns the lights on in a dark room
  • And more!

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