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What is a Hyper Converged Console for EUC?

I'm glad you asked!

Since the beginning of the tech bubble, society has known that bumper to bumper traffic, stylish cubicles, staff meetings, and $11 lattes are not the backdrop for our best work, but something that we accepted.

Then suddenly it happened...

We could, and should have done a lot of things better to prepare for what happened. However, instead of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Cloud Services, we primarily gave everyone a laptop, with local admin rights, a wonky VPN, and crossed our fingers.

We hoped nothing would go BUMP in the night. But it did...

I remember back in 2003 (yes, I am old) when I first heard about and learned how to spell virtualization. The idea of abstracting away the hardware from the operating system, the applications, and state... and then the ability to be portable via vMotion was almost too much for any nerd to take. You could just feel with that ring of intuition this was something awesome you were lucky to find yourself in the front row for.

I love math so I pressed on.

I remember the "4 basic food groups" of computing - namely those of CPU, Memory, DISK, and I/O. I recall how that calculus was warmly predictable and a CAPEX dream come true. You used to buy 10 to run 10 aps, now all you had to do was buy two servers, some VMware, vMotion, voila! BCDR built in too. Genius and cheap.

End user computing was not so kind. There is and was no glaring capital savings models, and operation or OPEX savings are difficult to pin down. There is however an almost lopsided amount of corporate intellectual property, being created and consumed minute by minute, across 1 billion users. A billion users in one place might be tenable, however, not a billion users in a billion places. Too much math.

Not for the cloud ;) but I digress.

I remember getting an early 8gb USB key that said “Nutanix” on it. Hyper Converged Infrastructure, now there is a mouthful. And yet, like anything interesting and eventually found to be incredibly valuable – its high order bit was simplicity. Simplicity.

Taking network computer memory storage virtualization and combining them into standardized unit consumable building block. Brilliant. Hyper converged was born. It was also portable. Your hardware, a cloud. Still, it was simplicity and utility above all else.

Simplicity + utility were the benefits.

Remotely is a Hyper Converged Console For End User Computing – edge data + security data + cloud data.

We take the 12 consoles you used to use to look at AD, network, storage, licenses, vulnerabilities, permissions, performance, PowerShell back in the NOC/SOC and converged them into one console. Remotely. In the cloud. REAL TIME. Simple. Useful.

We know you have a ton of deployment methods from server based computing, terminal services, VDI, DaaS, cloud apps, hybrid directories, laptops, towers, workstations, blades even. We also know you have a variety of use cases. Every one of them adds some purported NEW TOOL.

Bologna. You need fewer tools.

In this new normal – context counts. Who you are, where you are working, what you are working on, whose network, which application or ports are open and completely secure count big time. Installation dates, update cadences, patch rings, malware state, encryption state, network security, hard drive performance, Teams Secure Score, MS Geopolitical Risk Indexes. Think about how many consoles you would need to have 3 second visibility into every metric you would need to validate that for every user, everywhere, every day.

Yup. We built it for you.

It's simple, intuitive, and incredibly useful.

Now, imagine if you could SHATTER and reach through that fabled single pane of glass to begin to take action, utilize investments you have made in antivirus, malware, firewalls, workforce optimization, MDM, Endpoint Management, and more? Remote assistance integrated with Teams, MS Remote Assistance, OneDrive capable of task manager, system, registry, and deep PowerShell control.

Next imagine if the data lake of information you have on the endpoint, security posture, and cloud services for each user every 3 seconds could be used to trigger automated actions, routines, or scripts? Yours, and ours.

With the incredible advancements Microsoft has made in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), why not use Power Platform and Power Virtual Agents to make both the user, and admin experience second-to-none? We want to truly deliver Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and organizational security with bots that learn, grow, and deliver results in context. End users and admins spend more time creating and consuming content, not fixing unproductive systems and searching for results.

Remotely is very context aware. Adaptive policy, performance, and security management triggered by the needs of the user, the workspace, its location, current risk / threat posture, roles based, location, and other factors each organization deems important.

Moving beyond a single pane of glass into the realm of user, network, security, and cloud data convergence can be a lot. We want to make that simple too.

We created a very simple methodology your Channel and Value Added Resellers of choice, along with hardware and software platforms you use will begin to use around the world this quarter.

ASRA — Assess. Score. Remediate. Automate. This color by numbers guide allows organizations, agencies, and enterprises of all sizes the ability to explore, expand, and then standardize on their next generation digital experience and security solutions.

Remotely  your hyper converged console for end user computing.

All your tools. All in one place.

Download the Hyper Converged Console White Paper to learn more.

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