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Free Remotely Trial

Try Remotely's Azure-native remote risk management framework software
in your environment for 14 days.

What can you do with your Free Remotely trial?

Remotely will help you and your teams "turn on the lights" in the dark room that is remote &  hybrid work. Knowing where your users are and having a unique Security Risk Index (SRI™) helps prioritize remediation. 

Remotely helps you unify tool sets and aggregate and organize the data you need to keep users, and the business safe.

  • Identify the key components in our Microsoft Secure Score
    • Identities
    • Devices
    • Applications
    • Data
  • Access a spectrum of data from your Azure Tenant in one console
    • AzureAD
    • Microsoft Defender
    • Microsoft Intune / Endpoint Manager
    • GraphAPI
    • O365 / Teams / & More !
  • Instantly understand your network's security posture and the RISK your users may pose to themselves, or our organization - and, how this changes over time.
  • Licensing, Patching, Update Cadences, NIST CVE Vulnerabilities, and so much more. 

Try Remotely in Your Environment

Agentless, or PowerShell™ Agent - your call

You read that right. During your Free Remotely trial you will have full visibility into the risk posture of your Organization, Groups, Users, and Devices, before  downloading and deploying an agent.  We will pull all of the relevant data sets from across your Microsoft Tenant using MS Graph!

When you have your full estate view, you can decide which users, groups, locations, or devices to drill into with our native shell PowerShell™ agent.

Organized data.... ahhhh


Learn more about your Remotely free 14-day trial.

What is Remotely?

Remotely is the industry's only Azure native remote monitoring and management software. Founded in 2021, our  vision was to create a solution that helps the modern enterprise workforce to provide network security and visibility to IT Administrators.

Being a thought leader in the industry, Remotely CEO Tyler Rohrer identified that there wasn't an Azure-native solution on the market so he assembled his dream team and set out to manufacture his vision.

The Remotely team is comprised of rock stars from the tech industry, ranging from Dell/EMC, HubSpot, VMWare End User IT Departments, and several agencies. The team all share the same sentiment, which is to create a world-class system that is scalable, flexible, and suits the needs of the modern IT Administrator. We may even have some fun along the way!

What happens after I fill out the form requesting a trial?

A couple of things will happen after you fill out the form to request a free 14-day trial of Remotely:

  • You're going to get an email — open it! It will have important information about getting started with Remotely.
  • You are going to get a calendar invite! We offer a complimentary Health Check with every trial to insure you are getting the full benefit of our platform.
  • You get access to Remotely — that's it! After confirming your email address, login, connect to your Azure Tenant in a few clicks - and wait for your aggregated and organized data to populate the Dashboard. 
Do I need to provide a credit card?

Nope! No credit card or payment is needed to access the free trial of Remotely. We mean it when we say this trial is "obligation free". We want you to be sure you're making the right decision before purchasing anything, so we're not going to ask for a credit card number and then sneakily charge it because your trial time ran out.

We accept purchase orders from customers.

Do I need to talk to someone at Remotely before getting access?

NO!  We want your trial experience to be as seamless as possible. We will let you progress at  your own pace through the trial, or be there every step of the way. 

After requesting a free trial of Remotely, you will get a calendar invite to setup a Health Check session. We want to learn how you are doing, what we might be able to do better, and answer and questions you might have on your road to remote user Governance, Risk, and Compliance management.