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Scan & Score - the future of Elastic Compliance™

One of the fundamental questions many are struggling to answer these days is who among our newly minted remote workers are a RISK to themselves, or the company they work for? 

Risk is a nuanced word. The answer to who is at risk may change not only from company to company, but department by department, user by user, and even day to day.  It is also somewhat subjective, with the observer being empowered to make determinations given the context of their inquiry.  Once risk is noted, a secondary set of calculations ensue in terms of how "bad" is the risk? Simply stated: risk is complex stuff.drucker

We tame complexity with measurements. What was not known before can be known if we look and assign a value to the observation.  When it comes to end user computing the myriad of possible measurements, risk vectors, attack and attach surfaces, exploits, weaknesses, mistakes, and user behavior that may put a system, document, or company at risk is dizzying in its vastness.  What if it didn't need to be? 

With Remotely, you can Scan & Score your remote users in moments, in the cloud. 

The ability to collect, organize, and analyze the wealth of information needed to determine who is a risk is finally within reach. We have brought together over 900 bits of information from across your Azure end user computing infrastructure, and as many from the remote devices.  We take this information and SCORE each and every user. 

  • Antivirus & Antimalware state
  • System Logs, Services, and Processes 
  • Proximity to last patch / update
  • OS Level Risk Vectors
  • Identity, Application, Data, and Device Compliance
  • Network and Environmental Conditions
  • Local + Group Policies Applied 
  • Pending Reboot?
  • Geolocation / Geo-Fencing 
  • Role Based Access Control, TPM, Rogue IT, and more!

One Score - a living metric to see "drift" in the systems and policies we set. 

Remotely gives you the ability to observe endpoint and end user usage patterns, in the wild, in near real time, to determine if your policies and compliance measures are truly secure. 

Questions such as "who should return to the office", or "how do we push back against Cyber Risk Insurance Premiums" are answered with data.  Big Data. Rich and Robust Data - that you already have.  With data, and more importantly, a SCORE, companies can isolate and prioritize where to begin to address issues. A data driven evidence-based approach can be powerful in overcoming remote user assumptions.

Often, knowing is more than half the battle.

Having the flexibility to address risk in a logical manner can also save our Teams a tremendous amount of time.  We hear over and over the state of the art before Remotely...was post it notes and spreadsheets.  One department waiting for another, and then yet another. We get it. Not until now has risk management and security been a role that everyone needs to engage in.  Never before has there been a console that unifies our teams and tasks - with one source of truth. One Score

Group of panel judges holding score signs in front of a woman at bright office

Over time, Remotely will give companies of all sizes the ability to use this (Patent Pending) Score to take actions.  Having a real-time Score for each and every user will empower Security, Risk, Governance, and Compliance practitioners, and the Windows System Administrators who support them with BOTH 1:1 remediation to every endpoint, as well as vast API access for 1: Many configuration changes. 

A bit further down the road Remotely will introduce a Responsible AI Model, utilizing Azure AI/ML capabilities, to deliver "Elastic Compliance". Simply stated we are building the world's first conditional logic engine that will enable the modern enterprise to determine IF THIS // THEN THAT. IFTTT for the Enterprise.  Elastic Compliance uses AI to determine drift, patterns, and changes that may escape our ability to keep track of - and deliver validated actions we configure. High Risk Score? = Disable Ports, Lock Screen, Roll Back / Remove App, kill/restart a service... and so much more. 

Your journey to Scan and Score your remote workers is simple and begins today.

Join us.   Free Unlimited Trial Signup Here




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