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MS Azure-native + Cloud-nested Monitoring and Management

Natively built to sit alongside Office 365, Teams, and OneDrive.

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Remotely taps into the vast data lake underneath Azure to provide a unique view of the user and how to optimize their environment.



The Azure reporting dashboard provides a single source for all user information including Azure interactions and system performance.



Understanding how end users are leveraging technology is critical for organization to ensure they are empowering users in the right way.



Understanding how end users are leveraging technology can ensure that the right services are provided to the right users.

Nested in Azure

Azure Native

Enabling increased adoption and better leverage of existing technology platforms & investments reducing the learning curve associated with new software.

Geolocation services

Allows geolocation of managed assets and users to ensure that authentications and access are genuine and enable better visibility to the enterprise global distribution

Azure Security

Building a modern application in the Microsoft Azure cloud enables leveraging of the industry Microsoft industry leading application security framework

Enterprise Applications

Provides visibility through a single dashboard to all enterprise managed applications and any potential associated vulnerabilities

Azure Graph API

Utilization of Microsoft Graph API for data interaction significantly reduces the risk exposer by leveraging existing defined Azure security principal roles with the enterprise

Microsoft Licensing

Gain visibility to licensing within a Microsoft Azure tenant including Managed, Assigned, and consumed to ensure that applications are used or reallocated to reduce cost

Azure Cloud

Workloads within the Azure Cloud are deployed as members a microsegment security framework providing port and protocol level isolation, traffic flow and monitoring

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