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Security Scoring + Security Assessments

Real-time, patent-pending threat level scores for each device.

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Key Components

A security posture focused solution to supporting edge devices.


The Remotely Secure Dashboard provides real time visibility to the security posture of an end users device and environment.


The security reporting dashboard gives insight into past security postures and changes over time, at various levels in a single view.

Policy Management

Understanding the security policies that should be applied to a remote device is critical to understanding the user experience.


(Coming soon) Adaptive policy management based on environmental and observed end point risk factors.

Security Risk Score

Security Threat Score

Utilizing information collected from the Remotely endpoint agent a calculated risk score is determined across the organization, from the individual device to the entire enterprise

Security Threat Score

Understanding the environment and health of remote systems can be a challenge and keeping unsafe systems healthy and online exposes enterprises to risks that many do not know exist.

Measurements Collected

  • Anti Virus State
  • Anti Malware State
  • Operating System State
  • Installed Software
  • Network Connectivity
  • Environmental Variables
  • Attached Devices

Online Security Assessment

Working to help bridge the divide between security and support Remotely gives unique insight into the risk posture of devices connecting to enterprise assets and networks allowing administrators to take informed actions.

Online Security Assessment

Gathers information from Azure into one easy to consume dashboard for your current security model with a focus on endpoint configuration and risk.

Data driven planning

Using the data collected by Remotely Online Security Assessment organizations can determine the best path of investment to reduce their risk landscape within their Azure configuration and deployment.

Configurations assessed

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Deployment
  • Azure Licensing
  • Microsoft Windows Update Rings
  • Registered Enterprise Applications & Reported Vulnerabilities
Device SRI
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